Wednesday 12 August, 2020

Preparing for the hurricane season during COVID-19

Source: CatLane/iStock

Source: CatLane/iStock

If you live in the Caribbean then you should not need to be reminded that from June the hurricane season starts.  

This means your preparations should be complete and hopefully no weather system storms through the region so that November, the end of the season, could arrive.  

While preparing in the past would have just entailed buying emergency items and securing your home, the future of hurricane season preparations might now also have to include pandemic planning.  

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, some items in your household will need to be upgraded and even the way you seek assistance at an emergency shelter.  

Here are four things to remember when preparing for the hurricane season during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Include pandemic items in your hurricane kit 

Image by Klaus Hausmann from Pixabay

Yes, a first-aid kit, canned food, water, a battery-operated radio and other essential items are still on your hurricane prep list.  

But now you also have to include hand sanitisers, wipes, face masks and even more soaps and disinfectants.  

These items will still be needed after a storm or hurricane.  

Remember to practice social distancing in shelters 

Family members might need to be reminded that social distancing will still be required even while taking shelter from a storm. 

On most islands there are COVID-19 guidelines on the use of hurricane emergency shelters which includes maintaining a physical distance of six feet from other families.  

Some shelters might also require you to bring your own face masks which you should have in your prep kit.  

Share the emergency plan with the rest of the family 

Credit: Pixsooz/iStock

If you are the storm prepper in the family don’t forget others will also need to know what the plan is in case the situation really becomes bad.  

Share information about where the nearest emergency shelter is located. How the family is going to get there.  

Remind children about the need to keep washing or sanitising their hands.  

COVID-19 is still around even while mother nature does her work.  

Check on elderly and unwell family members  

You might need to pick up extra prescription medication, hand sanitisers and wipes for older members of the family not living with you. 

Call them. Find out what they need.  

These family members may not want to go to an emergency shelter due to their increased risk of being exposed to COVID-19.  

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