Thursday 26 November, 2020

Over 200 dengue cases in Grenada

There has been an increase in the number of confirmed laboratory cases of dengue in Grenada.  

Last week, (October 23) the Ministry said 46 new dengue cases were recorded bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 253 so far for the year.  

The Ministry of Health has noted a steady increase in cases. It said a number of persons have been affected with dengue, mainly those within the school-age bracket.

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Public awareness activities have been ramped up for persons to recognise mosquito breeding sources. Communities are being urged to do their part to reduce the spread of dengue.

This call was echoed by Grenadians on social media who also urged others to clean up their surroundings.  

One Facebook commenter said: “It is everyone's duty to keep their surroundings clean the ministry of health cannot be held responsible for the filth in people's backyard.” 

Another commenter said entire communities must pitch in and stop depending on the State to do everything.  

“The villagers must come together in the different parishes and clean up the place. Get rid of the old tyres, old pans, unkept latrines, pit holes, drum pans just to name a few. In fact anything where water is contained that are not in use get rid of them. We can do how much fogging and the environment are not kept clean we will keep having the same problem. 

Government can't do it alone we all have to help.” 

Grenada is not the only Caribbean island contending with dengue. Saint Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines and Guadeloupe are also experiencing challenges with dengue cases.  



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