Tuesday 27 October, 2020

Watch: Local wildlife show educates kids during coronavirus shutdown

Bored at home during the coronavirus shutdown?

Animal lovers and children stuck at home can now enjoy a wildlife series being shared online by the El Socorro Centre for Wildlife Conservation, live on Facebook at 9.00 am every day.

Public schools are closed until April 20, 2020, as the country engages in stringent health and safety measures to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Founder and director Ricardo Meade said during the next two weeks the Centre is closed to visitors, however they still want to educate children about local wildlife.

Meade told Loop News that’s where the idea for their Facebook live videos come in.

“We try to do it every day at 9.00 am so the kids can watch it before they start their lessons for the day."

“A lot of people have been calling to come in but we’re not going to do that to keep it safe so we’re going to bring it to them in the safety of their homes and try to entertain them while educating them."

The first video went live on Facebook on Thursday morning and features their mascot, the Toucan, and a local snake which is non-venomous.

Meade said that the shows are designed to educate people as to why these creatures are so important for the environment.

Meade also noted that that worldwide, there has been a decline in human activity and a corresponding improvement in the environment.

He said it was an unexpected side effect of the current shutdown being created by the spread of the virus, which might be considered a positive.

“No one would have predicted but we’re seeing that less human activity is resulting in cleaner air. It’s a dramatic shift because of so many people who are no longer driving around, producing less greenhouse gas emissions, which helps the environment and that’s good.”

Meade urged everyone to adhere to the self-quarantine policies in order to ensure that the virus can be eradicated.

“We at the ECWC urge all citizens to do their part and self-quarantine. We understand the difficulties and stress related to such actions and as you do your part we will continue to do ours.”

“We hope that people can follow guidelines and stay at home so we can ensure that there are no more cases.”

Meade said the Centre already follows stringent health and safety guidelines due to the presence of the animals, however they have stepped up their procedures to ensure that all HSE protocols are adhered to.

To see Thursday’s and other episodes, follow the ESWC here: https://www.facebook.com/wildlife.tt/ 

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