Sunday 29 November, 2020

Snap election announced in Bermuda

Bermudians will get to choose a new Government on October 1 after Premier David Burt announced a snap election today.

Bermuda was facing a series of bye-elections due to the resignation of some MPs.

In announcing the election date, Burt said: “The prospect of a series of bye-elections does not represent the best use of the public purse at this time but a General Election by which the people of Bermuda will safely cast their votes will allow us as a community to devote our efforts to the rebuilding of our economy and the creation of greater opportunity for Bermudians who have shown strength and commitment to each other during this challenging period.”

In a statement posted to his Progressive Labour Party (PLP) Facebook page, Burt added: “I also thought about the 20 months of bickering that a series of by-elections would bring. Instead of subjecting Bermudians to months of division, I found it prudent to call a general election that would allow the government chosen by the people to focus squarely on our economic recovery and make tough choices.”

Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier reacted to Burt’s snap election announcement saying: “After complaining about spending $30,000 on a by-election, the Premier now wants to spend over US$1million on a general election.”

“We are wasting US$1million just as the Premier has asked hard working civil servants to take a pay cut. It seems the Premier is prepared to jeopardise people’s health by holding a general election just so that he can deflect from an economy that is dying on its feet.”

Cannonier added that Burt is acting out of his self-interest.

August 29 is the deadline to register to vote and Nomination Day will be on September 10.

In the 2017 polls, Burt’s Progressive Labour Party (PLP) won 24 of the 36 seats in the House of Assembly.

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