Saturday 15 August, 2020

Sint Maarten PM on hurricane season: Do not become complacent

It’s June 1 the official start of the hurricane season and residents of Sint Maarten have been told to make preparations.  

This appeal was made by Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs as she warned it only takes one bad hurricane to cripple a nation.  

PM Jacobs in her 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season message said the country’s COVID-19 situation has been brought under control as citizens now prepare for the start of the hurricane season.  

With the phased COVID-19 de-escalation process underway in Sint Maarten, residents are urged to make preparations by visiting hurricane stores and other entities in order to have things in place before the peak months of the season hits.  

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PM Jacobs said: “While we de-escalate COVID-19 measures we now have to escalate for the hurricane season.”  

Even though the focus will now be placed on these preparations, PM Jacobs said the hygienic measures implemented for COVID-19 must still be followed during this time.  

She outlined what persons should pack in their Disaster kits and grab-bags.  

  • Hand sanitiser, soap bars and liquid soap 

  • Two cloth face coverings per person 

  • General household cleaning supplies  

  • Disinfecting wipes  

  • Water 

  • Batteries 

  • Flashlight 

  • Radio 

  • Medication  

  • Non-perishable food items  

She further urged residents not to become complacent during the 2020 hurricane season as Sint Maarten is still recovering from the destructive scenes of 2017.  

“Collective resiliency based on how we are prepared will determine how we build back. Sint Maarten has nothing to fear, it has made it through COVID-19,” said PM Jacobs.  


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