Tuesday 1 December, 2020

PM Minnis: Lockdown, curfew helping curb COVID spread in The Bahamas

Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis

Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis

Lockdowns and curfews have effectively curbed the spread of COVID-19 in The Bahamas.

That's according to Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis.

While touring the Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation last week he announced that the government will soon implement a metric system to guide the operation of industries and the phased reopening of islands that are still subjected to heavy restrictions.

"We are putting together a phased opening that's being done not only by us, but we have a National  COVID Committee which is comprised of elements of the private sector, the Chamber of Commerce and other entities. We know that once the COVID numbers are at a certain level then we can move to another phase," Prime Minister Minnis said.

During the first wave of the virus in April he announced a measured five-phase approach to reopening the economy.

Similarly, the timing of the phased reopening was predicated on metrics and guidelines outlined by health officials. 

PM Minnis said the government can only do so much to slow the spread of the virus in The Bahamas.

He said to citizens: "We all have to do it together. It's not the government, it's us, we. Once you get the message out in terms of the importance of masks, the importance of hygiene and sanitation I think people will be more cooperative.

The Prime Minister also reiterated the importance of adhering to social distancing guidelines.

He urged citizens and residents to adhere to all restrictions that have been put in place for their protection.

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