About Us

Loop News is the number one source for Caribbean-wide, local and global content. We provide the best coverage of news, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, business, community and events.

With our dedicated team of journalists working locally in each market, we strive to bring all the breaking and most up-to-date coverage from a team you can trust.

Loop News launched in April 2014 and quickly grew to have teams in six markets across the Caribbean: Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Haiti, Cayman and St Lucia. And in 2020 we launched the newest website in the Loop family – Loop Caribbean!

We became the Caribbean’s number one news app in the Google Play store and Apple App store within two months of launch, and with more than 1 million downloads, Loop News is still the number 1 today!


Meet Our News Team

Dionne Baptiste-Clarke

Dionne Baptiste-Clarke is the Digital Content Manager at Loop Caribbean.

She joined the Trend Media Group in 2019 with over thirteen years of experience as a broadcast journalist.

It was while employed at Caribbean Communications Network (CCN TV6) that her passion for journalism was unearthed.

During her tenure at CCN TV6, she spent one year in the advertising department, before she was transferred to the newsroom where she worked as a Broadcast Journalist for seven years.

She then went on to work at state-owned media house TTT Limited, where she stayed for five years. While there she worked as a Producer, Broadcast Journalist, News Anchor and Talk Show Host.

Dionne is a passionate writer and storyteller with a special interest in the vibrancy of Caribbean people and their culture.

She’s best known for exclusive interviews with the region’s leading politicians, entertainers, business people and artisans.

She prides herself on using her platform to encourage, educate, empower and inspire.

Melissa Wong

Melissa Wong is a Digital Reporter at Loop Caribbean with 15 years of service in the media.

Before joining Trend Media Group in 2019, Melissa served as an Assignments Editor, a news presenter and reporter for 11 years at IETV Channel and two years as a News Editor and broadcast journalist with the newsroom at Music Radio 97.

Prior to Melissa’s role in television and radio, she entered the field through print media as a journalist with Newsday where she covered various news beats for two years.

She has now started her new journey in providing digital content for the Caribbean.

Dillon De Shong

Dillon is a Digital Reporter at Loop Caribbean.

Dillon is passionate about  Journalism and it’s a career he chose after watching news coverage of the Bosnian War as a child.

He holds a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Journalism from the Ken Gordon School of Journalism and Communication Studies and has been working in the field for over eight years, covering mainly politics and current events.

During his career, Dillon worked as an intern, reporter, assistant producer, anchor and editor at several radio stations across Trinidad.

He credits his time at these often underfunded news rooms for turning him into a journalist, with a wide range of skills and interests.

Dillon is also budding portrait photographer with one of his favourite subjects being Trinidad Carnival and cultural events.