Sunday 25 October, 2020

5 Caribbean Travel Instagrammers that will awaken your wanderlust

Many of us dream of travelling the globe, meeting new people, immersing in different cultures, savouring exotic food and visiting the most beautiful sites on earth. 

When you live in the Caribbean however, that dream may seem to be as challenging as climbing Mt Everest, when you have to apply for visas, navigate expensive airfare and consider the best route to get where you want to go. 

However, there are some Caribbean nationals who have overcome these hurdles and are ticking off their travel bucket lists multiple times a year with trips to exotic, far-flung places. 

Luckily for the rest of us, they take us along for the ride via their Instagram posts with beautiful photos chronicling their experiences.

Here are five such people who you should follow and who will inspire you to pack those bags.


Asma Ali is a Trinidadian Muslim woman with an eye for detail and the ability to tell stories through her travels. Her photos range from fashion to architecture and even the mundane like a simple spice rack in a Brighton home becomes a brief study in social anthropology on her IG account 

The World up Closer

Jamaican blogger Shea Powell inspires all Caribbean people to travel on their native passports. She has been all over the globe and fills her IG with nicely curated photos showing stunning views.


The Island Life

Christina is a Haitian blogger who travels within her own country to showcase a side of Haiti the media never shows. She also travels the world with a keen eye for shapes, colours and architecture.

The Traveling Island Girl

St Martin native Riselle is repping for the over 40s with her rediscovered passion for travelling and discovering new places. She travels the Caribbean as well as the rest of the world and in all her photos she looks like she just having fun. 

Ceola Belix

Yes, this is a bit of nepotism but Loop’s very own traveller brings her IG alive as she travels solo to climb mountains and go on nature hikes in South America and Asia. She is also big on food so her IG is filled with mouth-watering creations. 


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