Sunday 25 October, 2020

10 Caribbean Food Blogs you should be following

When it comes to food, no other region in the world can offer up such an eclectic mix of delectable cuisine like the Caribbean. With influences from Africa, India, China, Europe and the Middle East plus an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, our cuisine is a food lover's delight. 

In recent years, the food scene has exploded across the region with many foodies traversing the length and breadth of the islands to revive food traditions, celebrate existing ones or to taste modern dishes. That has given rise to a number of food blogs where food lovers are documenting their food journeys and educating the public about how to use our ingredients to create scrumptious meals. 

If are a stranger to the region, a homesick diasporian or just a Caribbean national who long to learn about what the other islands have to offer, here are 10 Caribbean food blogs you should definitely follow 

Tastes Like Home

Run by Cynthia Nelson, a Guyanese food writer living in Barbados, Tastes Like Home provides information about Guyanese dishes made with her own twist influenced from living in Barbados.

Jehan Can Cook

Disappointed by the lack of true Caribbean recipes with proper measurements online, Jehan started her blog. Born in Guyana she not only focuses on authentic traditional and modern Guyanese cuisine but also that of the wider Caribbean.

Cook Like a Jamaican

Join this mother and daughter team as they cook up mouth-watering Jamaican and Caribbean dishes. The website is complete with recipes, cooking conversions, ingredients and vlogs.

Caribbean Pot

Founded by a Trinidadian living in Ontario, Caribbean Pot is a detailed site that gives you Caribbean recipes from beverages to desserts. Recipes are categorised to make it easier for you to find.

Jessica in the Kitchen

A self-taught cook, Jessica is a Jamaican blogger who specialises in vegetarian and healthy meals. If you are searching for healthy back to school recipes, this is the blog for you.

Isle of Bites

When Kizzy Rennie studied abroad, she realised how much she took the food in Grenada for granted. Upon her return, she started Isle of Bites, a blog for anyone who wants to understand where their food comes from and support the people whose hard work ensure that great food can reach our table tops.

Tchaka Ayiti

Born and based in Haiti, the writer of this blog brings Haitian cuisine to life through anecdotes and occasional recipes. The blog is named after a popular dish in Haiti made with red beans, dried corn and heavily smoked and salted pork meat, pork feet in particular.


Run by American living in Trinidad and Tobago, Trinichow is a great resource to get a calendar of food and wine events as well as reviews of restaurants around the twin island.

Foodie Nation

One of the more popular food blogs in Trinidad and Tobago with a Facebook following of over 290,000 followers, Foodie Nation features personalities in the food business, video recipes and interesting food finds.

Homemade by Jahna

Based in Barbados, Jahna Agard is a mother of triplets whose life in the kitchen is about finding ways to create fun, tasty and healthy meals that the whole family can enjoy.

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